Shopify SEO Services

For Sports Businesses Who Want to Outrank Their Competition on Google

When you look at your website analytics, how do you feel?

Are you proud to see all your hard work finally paying off? Is Google driving traffic to your website? Are you attracting and converting new customers every day?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, you need to give some love and attention to your Shopify SEO strategy.

When you get your SEO strategy right, you’ll spend less money on Facebook ads and other PPC advertising but you’ll attract the right kind of traffic. Not those slightly warm leads that don’t turn into sales but real customers who want to buy your products.

Here at Oglesby Media, we offer an SEO service for Shopify websites that will bring your business right up to date with the current best practices whilst giving you the competitive edge.

Why Choose SEO for Shopify with Oglesby Media

Welcome! My name is Ciaran Oglesby and I’m the owner of Oglesby Media and a digital marketing and Shopify SEO specialist. Working alongside my team, I can use up-to-date, effective strategies to help your website and business get noticed online and generate more sales.

Here are some of the benefits our SEO for Shopify service can offer:

  • Reduce your customer acquisition costs. Customers who come from your SEO are cheaper to acquire than from other types of advertising such as Facebook and Google Ads.
  • Get your products more visible on Google in your target markets. We've ranked a product categ
  • Improve your conversion rates. SEO traffic converts 3 times more than traffic from advertising.
  • Make your website more discoverable. By optimising your site structure, both customers and Google Bots can find your products quickly and easily.
  • Drive the right traffic to the right pages. By using proven SEO techniques, we can send every website visitor to their ideal page, depending on where they are in the buyer’s journey. The result? Your annual traffic could increase by over 100% and your sales from search could increase by over 200%.

How our SEO for Shopify service works

Step 1: Discovery

Want to know how we can help your business smash its marketing and revenue goals? Schedule an introductory call for a chat.

Step 2: Online workshop

After you’ve decided to hire us, we’ll have an online workshop via Zoom or Skype. This helps us get to know you and your business better, discover more about your customers and optimise your SEO for Shopify strategy to get you optimal results.

Step 3: SEO audit

We’ll start by conducting a technical SEO audit to discover your strengths and understand which weaknesses are preventing your business from achieving the results it deserves.

We’ll also conduct both keyword research and competitor research to identify key areas to be optimised and set up additional analytics. Using this information, we can create the right strategy for your Shopify website’s needs.

Step 4: Tweak and optimise

This is the point where we can start working our magic. We’ll execute a strategy formulated from the audit. This includes technical SEO, keyword targeting, meta descriptions, creating a content roadmap, optimising key pages, and addressing any weaknesses we have discovered.

Step 5: Elevate your game

Once we’ve covered the SEO essentials, we can implement a range of advanced strategies that will help drive your business forward. This depends on your unique business and includes building backlinks, working with review websites, partnering with influencers and building affiliate programmes.

Our price plan

The digital game isn’t a case of one-size-fits-all. That’s why you can choose one of our two flexible plans when outsourcing your Shopify SEO to us.

Fixed Projects

Want to know which mistakes are preventing you from getting more online customers? Simply need us to perform an audit and let you make the changes?

Partnership Plans

Serious about business growth? Prefer us to improve, optimise and continually adapt your SEO strategies for you?

Want to optimise your business growth and drive sales?

Schedule an introduction call to see how we can help grow your ecommerce business.

Remember: To help make the session as engaging as possible, please come prepared to join the call with video.