What I’m currently up to

Updated October 2020


Carlow, Ireland


  • Currently working with 2 clients helping them with their Shopify stores.
  • Just updated my website. Focusing on working with established Shopify merchants and helping them grow their sports brands. Work in progress. 
  • Started working with a new copywriter to improve sales messaging. Early results are great and can't wait to see more. 
  • New case study going through client approval. 
  • Studying SEO and applying learning to a client store. New SEO service coming shortly after proven results. 
  • Developing BFCM plans. Some stores canceling BFCM due to lack fo stock, others are scaling back and keeping it simple compared to previous years. 





  • Does dreaming of travel count as travel? 


  • Started back running 3 days a week. My back feels back to normal so I'll start low impact workouts in the gym(home) next week. 


  • Add new SEO marketing service to the business. 
  • Get a new Shopify SEO client. 
  • Executing on new 90-day business goals. 
  • Holding off travel to mid October. Looking at Tenerife co-living. 
  • Get stronger and fitter. Loose fat from excess lockdown eating & drinking.