Shopify Website Design

Has your online sales slowed down?

  • Are your product and collection pages leaving money on the table?
  • Do customers find it difficult to navigate your online store?
  • Does your website take forever to load, therefore sending customers back to google your competitors?
  • Are customers buying once and not coming back?
  • Do you have a small store with big store problems?
  • Is it time to refresh your ecommerce store?

Invest in a new Shopify design to:

  1. Improve your Conversion Rate — Increasing page conversion rate from 2% to 3% while keeping the same amount of traffic will grow your sales by 50%
  2. Make your website load super fast — Reducing page load times below 3 seconds can improve your SEO and reduce bounce rate.
  3. Simplify your website navigation — The faster it is to find a product, the faster it is to checkout and a more delightful shopping experience.
  4. Bring customers back for more — Customers who experience a great shopping experience are far more likely to come back and become repeat customers.
  5. Grow your average order value — Implementing optimal shipping options along with up-sells and bundles can grow your sales by increasing the average order size.

Our Process

Step 1: Discovery & planning workshop

Once we agree to work together, we setup an online workshop via Zoom or Skype where we dig deep and get to know your customers and their problems. People don’t usually purchase something unless they have a problem to solve. At this stage, we also work with you on strategies to increase average order value, customers lifetime value and returning customer rates. Once we have that knowledge, we can then plan how to solve their problems in the context of your product offering and optimise your website into a selling machine.

Step 2: Design & build your store with Shopify

Armed with a plan and your marketing assets, we then build a new ecommerce store with Shopify that is designed specifically with your customers in mind. You will get a store designed with modern best practices, such as mobile first design and proven conversion optimisation techniques. We also integrate any apps agreed in the scope of work such as email software, collecting reviews or POS.

Step 3: Test & launch

Once we have completed the build, we test your new store to make sure everything works as it should. After testing we launch the store to your customers and the world. After launch we backup our work with a 30 day guarantee and video training. If you have any questions about the project, just ask.

To get started, we will need:

  • Shopify Partner access to your Shopify store, CRM, and analytics data.
  • Your marketing assets such as text content, product images, video, logo etc,.

Are we a good fit?

We bring the most value to established businesses that look like:

  • Watersports or outdoor sports related brand/store
  • Monthly online traffic of 10k+ unique visitors
  • Annual revenue of €500k+ / $550k+

How we work

Fixed Projects

Designing and developing with Shopify, our fixed projects are focused around building a high converting ecommerce store for a flat fee.

Partnership Plans

An e-commerce store does not perform to its full potential when you set it and forget it. Our store maintenance & optimisation plans are available on a retainer basis. This allows us to partner with you to continuously optimise your store for seasonal promotions like BFCM, analysing shopper behaviour and implementing theme & app upgrades.

Is it time to increase your online sales?

Schedule an introduction call to see how we can help grow your ecommerce business.

Remember: To help make the session as engaging as possible, please come prepared to join the call with video.