Shopify Email Marketing

Does your business struggle to make repeat sales?

  • Has your ecommerce business stagnated or stopped growing as you’d like?
  • Are you customers buying once and not coming back?
  • You are getting traffic and some sales but your conversions rate is too low?
  • Are your current marketing activities not generating a return on your investment?
  • Do your customers buy without leaving a review?

Invest in Email Marketing to:

  1. Lower your customer acquisition costs
  2. Increase customer lifetime value(CLTV)
  3. Improve conversion rates
  4. Build long term brand loyalty
  5. Grow your online sales

Our Process

Step 1: Cleaning your customer data.

We start with a clean customer list. There is little point in sending emails to addresses that are no longer active or out of date. FYI, an out of date email address is someone who signed up 6 months ago but never received let alone engaged with an email. This can be because the emails are sent but arrived in spam folders or promotional tabs in gmail.

Step 2: Design & setup email automation

After cleaning your list, we then move on to designing a template that matches your brand. With this template we build out automated email flows such as welcome emails, abandon carts, win-backs, product review requests and more.

Step 3: Send. Test. Analyse. Repeat.

Next comes the fun bit, sending the emails. Jest before sending we also setup A/B test variants of the email to test subject lines, content blocks, and sales copy. Analysing the user behaviour data from the tests, we then make necessary adjustments and start the process all over again.

To get started, we will need:

  • Access to your Shopify store, CRM, and analytics data.
  • Your marketing assets such as content, images, and logo.
  • 1hr - 2hr kickoff meeting.

Are we a good fit?

We bring the most value to established busniesses that look like:

  • Watersports or outdoor sports related brand/store
  • Monthly online traffic of 10k+ unique visitors
  • Annual revenue of €500k+ / $550k+

How we work

Fixed Projects

Leveraging the capabilities of Klaviyo, our fixed projects are focused around setting up email automation flows for a flat fee.

Partnership Plans

Our email marketing and automation plans are available on a 3-month or 6-month retainer basis. This allows us to partner with you to set up and run a scheduled email marketing campaigns + email automation + A/B testing for you and your business.

Is it time to increase your online sales?

Schedule an introduction call to see how we can help grow your ecommerce business.

Remember: To help make the session as engaging as possible, please come prepared to join the call with video.