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Shopify Email Marketing for Businesses Who Want to Build Their Brand

Do you spend hours creating the ‘perfect marketing email’ only to get disappointing results? Wondering why you can’t get your customers engaged and hitting that ‘buy’ button?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Just imagine this...

You fire up your laptop to find that you’ve completely sold out of the brand new stock you’ve just uploaded to your website and generated thousands in revenue overnight. 

Just by hitting send on that one marketing email!  

You check out your email analytics and can’t help but smile when you find that your open rates, click rates and feedback have gone through the roof. You can clearly see that every penny you’ve spent on your Shopify email marketing is bringing you fantastic returns. 

If these are the results after just a few weeks, imagine what your business is going to look like in a few months! 

You’ll be able to invest more in your business, give your Shopify website a facelift, buy new stock, invest more in your marketing…. The world is truly your oyster. 

You pour yourself another coffee to celebrate, wondering whether you should spend your day developing and implementing your growth strategy or just give yourself the day off and get outside with your family.

This isn’t just a dream. It’s exactly what has happened for the clients we’ve worked with over the past few years. 

And it’s exactly what can happen for your business when you outsource your Shopify email marketing to our team. 

Why outsource your Shopify email marketing to Oglesby Media?

Hello there! I’m Ciarán Oglesby, the owner of Oglesby Media and a digital marketing and Shopify specialist. 

Using our email marketing expertise and outdoors/sports industry insight, my team and I can design, create and optimise a high-performing email marketing strategy that will ensure every email you send becomes a real money-making machine. 

We’re a Klaviyo Masters Partner because like you, we believe that investing in quality always results in growth. 

Find out more about us here.

When you hire us to optimise your Shopify email marketing strategy, you’ll;

  • Get maximum ROI on your marketing efforts. Email marketing remains one of the best ways to attract new customers for less.
  • Improve conversion rates.>Our existing clients report increases of 2-6% within weeks.
  • Build long term brand loyalty.>Staying in touch and adding value to your customers’ lives turns them into loyal fans.
  • Increase customer lifetime value.>Each customer will spend more and keep returning to your online store.
  • Grow your online sales.Just by improving your email marketing strategy, you could enjoy sales increases of up 27% or even more.

How our Shopify Email Marketing service works

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Step 1: Discovery

Start by scheduling a quick, no obligation call with us to find out more about our Shopify Email marketing service, ask questions, and see if we’d be a good fit.

Step 2: Online workshop

We’ll schedule an online workshop via Zoom or Skype that will fill us in on everything we need to know to get you results. This includes key information on your business and your customers better so make sure you come prepared!

At the same time, we’ll create a unique blueprint that details exactly what steps we’ll take to optimise your Shopify email marketing strategy using Klaviyo and get you maximum ROI.

Step 3: Clean customer data

We’ll start by cleaning and optimising your email marketing list. After all, there’s not much point in sending emails to customers who don’t want to hear from you and aren’t engaged. It’s tough, but it’s got to be done.

Step 4: Design & setup

The next step is designing an optimised email marketing template that matches your brand and drives sales. With this template we build out automated email flows such as welcome emails, abandon carts, win-backs and product review requests, depending on your needs.

We also optimise email lead capture on the website by designing sign up forms to get the most signups, A/B testing them to ensure they get maximum results.

Step 5: Send. Test. Analyse. Repeat.

Next comes the fun bit, sending the emails. Before we hit that ‘send’ button, we’ll set up A/B tests to find out which subject lines, sales copy and content blocks work best for your audience.

When we have this essential information, we can optimise your Shopify marketing emails to achieve the best possible results.

Our price plans

Not all businesses are built the same. That’s why we offer flexible plans to help you get the most from outsourcing your Shopify email marketing to us.

Fixed Price Projects

Need us to create and optimise your Shopify email marketing strategy then leave you in charge? No worries.

Ask us about our Fixed Price Projects

Partnership Plans

Want our ongoing support to set up and run new high-performing email marketing campaigns, automation and A/B testing?

Ask us about our Partnership Plans today.

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