About Us

Oglesby Media helps businesses get to grips with ecommerce so they can sell the products online to their customers. More specifically we help ecommerce stores with marketing strategy, Shopify store setup & design and also email automation.

Ciarán Oglesby

Hey, I'm Ciarán. 

I’m from Ireland and I setup Oglesby Media in February 2019 to help businesses sell their products online. 

My background is in international sales and marketing. Before building Shopify websites, I was a head of global sales & marketing for Iolite, a leading herbal vaporiser brand. Later I founded and managed another herbal vaporiser company called Goboof. Both of these businesses had successful online stores with a global reach. 

When I work with clients, I bring my past failures and success to the table. Not just web design or even marketing, but ecommerce logistics, operations and international selling.