Why Shopify?

I honestly think Shopify is simply the best thing that has ever happened to e-commerce, and the support they provide to their merchants is really quite exceptional. Below are four small reasons on why I recommend Shopify to my clients. 



From a merchants perspective, Shopify is too easy to add or update a product, change a hero image or write a new blog. The tools are simple and clear for anyone to make their store look great and provide your customers with awesome products. 



Shopify is based on a hosted subscription model and as such is a really affordable option for small business and startups. With no start up cost, you can get going for $29.00 a month and cancel at any time. 



It may be super affordable but that doesn’t mean it skimps on the features. Shopify’s feature rich toolset and huge app & theme store means there are endless designs possible with the functionality to fully automate your store from fulfilment centre’s or sell on Amazon or Facebook. 



Now this to me is the most impressive thing about Shopify, The knowledge base is absolutely massive, the forums are active but what really sets Shopify support apart from the competition is the Shopify University with endless information, tops & Trick and digital marketing know-how on how to launch and operate your online store. And the best part is that all this is free for anyone and you can sign up here for the latest free online business lessons.

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  • Very good, sounds great!

    Brian Callinan

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