Mailchimp alternatives for Shopify email marketing

Shopify & Mailchimp breakup

As of 22nd of March 2019, Shopify and Mailchimp have decided to break up their partnership. If you are a Shopify merchant and use Mailchimp for email marketing and email automation, you probably got this message from Mailchimp , or this announcement from Shopify.

What does this mean?

In a nut shell this means that Mailchimp app is no longer available on the Shopify app store. And from 12th of May 2019, the Mailchimp app will no longer sync customer data and with Shopify. As a result, your new customers will not be able to subscribe to your email newsletters and your Mailchimp email automation flows that rely on product data will no longer work.

What are the alternative options?

Notwithstanding the drastic, expensive and time consuming option of changing e-commerce platforms, there are a couple of options available.

Option 1 - Connect Mailchimp to Shopify via a 3rd party app.

Use a 3rd party integration app such as Zapier, or ShopSync to sync Mailchimp and Shopify. If you already use the Mailchimp app, don’t disconnect it just yet. Mailchimp strongly recommend you install a 3rd party integration before disconnecting. Zapier & are not free and will not work for product retargeting emails. ShopSync is free(for now) and will sync everything but is new and untested.

Mailchimp have a comparison table on 3rd party apps to connect Shopify here.

Option 2- Migrate to another email automation provider.

For new Shopify stores, this won’t be a problem but for existing store owners, finding a new email provider and migrate your Mailchimp email list over to the new provider can be time consuming. You will also need to re-configure your email flows. However migrating to an alternative has the potential produce better results. Klaviyo for example is designed specifically for e-commerce and works very close with Shopify.

Klaviyo, ConvertiKit, Omnisend and Sendlane are a few Mailchimp alternatives worth considering.


The Mailchimp and Shopify breakup doesn’t mean the end of the world but action will be required to keep your email automation flows working. While getting a 3rd party app to keep Mailchimp working is an attractive option, moving to a new email marketing provider that has closer integration with Shopify will probably yield better results.

Any questions or comments please share below or get in touch.


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