Important Blogging Tips for Ecommerce

Blogging equals customers. If you’re a mom & pop shop just starting your ecommerce journey or an existing Shopify store owner looking to increase sales, blogging is a great way to build and grow your customer base by firstly attracting an avid following with engaging content. This following can then convert to customers. In 2019, you are competing with more ecommerce players than ever before, so your store can be unique and stay ahead of the competition with active blogging. Your blog complements the rest of your marketing efforts and reinforces your brand identity.

Content is key

Engaging and relevant content attracts and keeps your audience on your website. This, in turn, increases your chance of a sale. Having high-quality content is what it’s all about! Images and videos are high quality media formats that engage people. So having a nice product demo video or a series of images showing your audience a technique or just general tips about the problem your business solves for them wins over having a simple text blog or no blog at all! The bonus of having high quality great content is that other websites and industry bloggers can link to your blog, so again increasing your traffic.

SEO - what is it?

Blogging helps with SEO. But what is it? In the wonderful world of ecommerce, you’ll hear a lot about this important term, SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation. If your store has a blog, you’ll have more webpages for search engines to crawl. Basically, search engines like Google and Bing crawl and rank web pages based on a number of factors about the page content. This means that your blog’s pages have a search engine rank and if the page content doesn’t meet certain criteria defined by the search engine algorithm, then your blog may not rank highly. In a nutshell, good SEO helps the pages rank higher in search results. Your aim should be to get to the top of the rankings. Meaning, when your audience or customer searches for the problem that your business solves or searches for a related phrase/term, your blog should show up in the first couple of search results offering them the solution. That is the primary goal of SEO. This is easier said than done but well-written content containing your SEO keywords, that ticks all of the boxes for the latest algorithms is a great start! Remember good SEO content helps with more sales.

How often should I blog?

What’s bigger than zero? One or more! It’s amazing how many ecommerce stores, whether on Shopify or another platform, don’t utilize blogging as a traffic generation method. On the flip side, many of the great new brands have been built around blogging and really attractive engaging media. So the frequency question has no definitive answer. But having some high quality blogs published every two weeks and shared on your business Social Media accounts is a great way to start building a following. If you have the resources, you can invest in creating a content calendar and automate some of your blogs so that a steady stream flows right to your audience frequently. Useful, informative and/or entertaining information and content alongside just product descriptions can help your store become the go-to place in your industry and you can make more sales from it.

Important Key Points and Tips To Get You Started

  • Keep your blog content high in quality, using the relevant keywords you are trying to rank for.
  • Don’t overdo SEO on your blogs or it may have a negative effect on SEO ranking.
  • If you are new to ecommerce, take some time to learn about SEO and how to write great content for your store’s blog. Some blogs like the one and even the Shopify blog are really great to learn from.
  • Keep your content fresh, organised and relatively frequent. Some blogging is better than no blogging!
  • Better quality traffic leads to new customers and more sales.