5 Best sites for free ecommerce stock photos

When you add up the cost of a photographer, model, accessories etc, getting good quality photos for your Shopify website used to be an expensive exercise. That’s where free stock images come to the rescue.

But be careful, one of the dangers of getting free images from the internet is copyright infringement, many people just use google images and take an image not thinking about the consequences. To avoid a potential cease and desist letter from an angry image owner, its best to use paid stock photos or to use commercially free stock images.

Note, if there are trademarks within the images then you should take care and seek approval or give credit where due.

If you are wondering where to find the best free stock photos? The following are my top 5 go to sites I use.

1. Unsplash

Toronto free stock photo

Starting with a modest 10 photo’s on a Tumblr blog, Unsplash now has over 550,000 free stock images. Great for curated collections every week, some examples are Extreme Neon and Earth from above. All images are creative commons zero so you can do what ever you like with them and giving credit to the photographer is encouraged but not required.

2. Pexels

Breakfast free stock photo

With Pexels, you can download images at your chose resolution. This is very useful feature as you only want to upload images to your website that are just about good enough to keep the site speed fast. Uniquely, Pexels has a leaderboard whereby photographers are ranked by most views in the last 30 days.

3. Pixabay

Valentine's love free stock photo

If english is not your first language, Pixabay supports over 20 languages. Not just for free stock Images, Pixabay also has a free stock video, illustrations and vector graphics free of copyright. You can sort the images by colour and free stock photos can be downloaded in 4 different resolutions.

4. Burst By Shopify

Black Friday Cyber Monday free stock photo

Burst has a small collection of images however they are curated with online merchants in mind making them ideal for e-commerce. Burst is already connected to your Shopify store so you can get the image you want via the theme customiser but you will need to download them separately if you wish to use them in your blog or custom pages.

5. Negative Space

Yoga free stock photo

Negative Space promises beautiful, high-resolution free stock photos and it doesn’t disappoint. All the images are super high resolution and you can sign up so they send you a steady stream of the latest images. They also offer a colour picker so you can match photos for a particular colour theme. For example, pick orange if you want an autumn theme or pick red and green for a Christmas sales event.


As these free stock image sites prove, you don’t have to pay a fortune for the great photos.

Free stock photos are ideal for blogs, creating facebook or instagram ads and not to mention seasonal hero banners on your Shopify homepage. Spoiled for choice or stuck for inspiration? Check out Made With Unsplash.

Also, if you are a budding photographer you can also upload your photo’s to the free stock photo websites to gain recognition for your work.

If you have a favourite free stock photo site please feel free to share in the comments below.